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FSC / Drivstofftillegg F.O.M 01.12.2023

Dear valued customer, Due to a steadily increasing fuel price in recent months, we unfortunately find ourselves having to change our fuel surcharge from 5 to 6% from 1 December. We hope for our customers’ understanding of the change due to reasons beyond our control._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grunnet en jevnt økende drivstoffpris de siste månedene så ser

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Varsel om prisjustering / Notice of price adjustment 01.01.2023

Varsel om prisjustering.   Kjære kunde Vi gjør oppmerksom på kommende prisjustering for vår distribusjon, terminal og linjebilpriser fra og med 1 januar 2023. For spørsmål angående justeringen så ta gjerne kontakt med oss.   Notice of price adjustment.   Dear valued customer, We would like to draw your attention to upcoming price adjustments for

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Dear valued customer

Dear valued customer, As a result of unusually strong increases in several of our cost areas, we shortly mention procurement of new equipment, salaries, road taxes, rent, financing etc., we find ourselves in a situation where we are forced to adjust prices on our linehaul from 01.01.2023. The adjustment will be 8.5% as a result

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Fuel Surcharge / Energitillegg

Dear valued customer, Due to rising fuel prices during the last measurement period, we unfortunately have to change our energy surcharge from 5 to 6.5% from 1 November. It is mainly the lack of refinery capacity for diesel that is now pushing the price up. Regrettably, we do not see any will from our political

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